Lena Meyer Landrut has responded to the singer's allegations of stealing the cover

For a long time calm reigned Lena Meyer-Landrut. But the singer recently made a comeback and just presented her new album. This is exactly what you are supposed to copy from another artist. Now Lena is commenting on the allegations.

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While Lena Meyer-Landrut has also given some private thoughts on her Instagram profile in the past, she is now using the platform Just for their music. So she just announced her new business to her nearly 3.8 million followers. Including EP “Kind”. In addition, she posted the cover in which the face of the 30-year-old girl and two rose petals can be seen.

Singer Dillon is familiar with this cover and EP title. The German-based Brazilian singer and pianist is reminiscent of her own album. The 33-year-old sparked outrage on Instagram and Facebook.

“Why do you have to steal?”

She has already released an album of the same name in 2017. In addition to this, she has also chosen a flower shape for her. “Really, girls, why did you have to steal?” Dillon asks, addressing Lena. You should be ashamed of “stealing from a less commercially successful woman.” Their behavior is an example of an abuse of power by a money-driven individual.

Lena then called Dillon’s character and wrote to her, “Feel free to contact me on Instagram, then we can talk about it and get that out of the way.” Dillon also posted a screenshot of it.

The singer is deleting the post

The Brazilian recently deleted her post, revealing in a story that she “didn’t want to look at the post any longer” than she actually did. She writes of a “toxic episode” that is “a far cry from my reality.” Problems will be handled differently in their environment.

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As Lena’s attorney “Bild” confirmed when asked: “As you can see on Instagram, Lena Meyer Landrut attempted to discuss singer Dillon’s allegations with her in person over the phone. Unfortunately, Dillon refused. The singer’s accusation that Lena stole the title, artwork and photos from her “Kind” album is unfounded. Her health in all respects.”

Lena and her team didn’t know about Dillon’s work until a few days ago. In addition, the two covers differ in their design so that there is no issue of “intellectual property theft”.


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