Laura Nolde will not be able to take the lead at half time. The youngest pilot of the German Bobslet team is now an Olympic champion.

Laura Nolde and Deborah Levy of Germany played in action.  Photo: dpa

Laura Nolde and Deborah Levy of Germany played in action.
(Photo: dpa)

Yangon – Laura Nolde is the youngest athlete in history to win an Olympic title at Bobsleigh with two. On Saturday, 23-year-old Pyongyang from Winterberg was 0.77 seconds faster than Olympic champion Mariama Jamanga, who made her first German doubles victory for women. This is the second gold medal for the German popslet team in China after Francesco Friedrich’s victory on the small slate. Elana Myers Taylor of the United States won the bronze, while vice-world champion Kim Kaliki took fourth place.

After taking the lead at half time, Nolde gave the next clean run at the start of the third round. Winterberger and Breakwoman Deborah Levy set a new record at 1: 00.70 and could not catch more than Jamaica, who started with Germany’s best sprinter Alexandra Burkard. In the end, the 2018 Olympic champion set the best running time, but after a confident run Nolte was able to celebrate the gold.

The most stable pilot of the winter thus prevailed. The World Cup celebrated its third four World Cup victories, with Jamaica not a single win. At the World Cup as a whole, only Myers Taylor excelled, unlike Nolde, who won all the races. At the start of the Popsley competition on the Yanking Snowboard, Nolde missed out on a fourth-place medal in monopoly.

At the end of Sunday’s games should be the next German gold medal. However, in the four-man Popsley, Pyongyang is just 0.03 seconds ahead of Olympic champion Francesco Friedrich Johannes Loschner. The third Canadian, Justin Cripps, was 0.38 seconds behind, believing the German pilots had made a mistake.


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