Last place at ESC 2022: This is how owner Harris reacted to shame


Last place at ESC 2022: This is how owner Harris reacted to shame

Germany suffered a bitter defeat in the Eurovision Song Contest. And considering the winner, that’s no disgrace to singer Malik Harris.

Turin / Munich – Greater Germany representative, Malik Harris (24), landed in Eurovision Song Contest in another place. cause for destruction? Scheduled!

Malik Harris (24) gave everything during his performance, but in the end it wasn’t enough. © Jens Buettner / dpa

Harris succinctly admitted: “I’m obviously a bit disappointed.” Post-final statement.

He was even happier with the winner than ESC: “I’m really happy that Ukraine won because I wanted it that way,” the Bavarian said Sunday night at the start.

“You celebrated like that, so it was a nice evening. I know you didn’t score a lot of points at the end, but it was a really nice evening,” the 24-year-old confirmed calmly.

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In Turin, Italy, Harris scored just six European audience points with his song “Rockstars”, zero from the jury and ranked 25 out of 25.

“I don’t think you can say why that is, because in the end there are really elements and factors that come into play that you can’t compute and that don’t necessarily have any musical value,” Harris explained of his findings. .

“In the end, in my opinion, the most beautiful, the greatest song and the greatest contribution won,” Harris raised his hat to the Ukrainians.

During his performance, Harris showed his solidarity with Ukraine Shown: In front of an international audience, he flipped his guitar at the end of his song, as the flag of Ukraine was seen bearing the inscription “Peace” (Peace).

Harris said he was told more than once that he “should not make a statement”. That’s why the flag hung on the guitar after the last rehearsal before the end.

“I’m very happy to do it,” the 24-year-old said proudly. “It feels so good.”

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