Kylie Minogue creates an amazing effect
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Shakira arrived in a black dress with tall slits, Ricky Martin in a tuxedo. The king’s ex – wife Priscilla Presley also came and joined the gala guests. At 77, she was still cold on the red carpet.

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But there may be Kylie Minogue who catches the eye in the evening. Aussie. The pop star walked the red carpet in a bold, partially visible outfit by Versace. Especially the long leg split was eye-catching.

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With all the buzz, the real stars of the evening, Tom Hanks and Austin Butler, in almost classic black dresses, went unnoticed at first. But then, when the film begins, the screen in the premiere theater is almost theirs: Tom Hanks plays Colonel Parker, Presley’s suspicious manager. “I did not kill Elvis,” he makes clear at the outset. “I created Elvis.”

“Elvis”: That’s why this film is so interesting

Director Boss Luhrmann explains in his film that this is true, not true. Because it was this Colonel Parker who discovered the young Elvis early on and really rolled his life. But he was the one who enriched himself immensely with the icon, ruthlessly sending Elvis to the stage and preventing him from touring abroad. Because the manager did not even have a US passport, but once entered the country illegally from the Netherlands.

However, Boss Luhrmann is no ordinary director who wants to check out all the stages of Elvis’ life story. After all, it was filmmaker Luhrmann who filmed such extensive works as “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby”. Also “Elvis” is a bombshell staged and breathtakingly fitted scene.

Because Luhrmann did not just focus on the toxic relationship between the star and his manager. She is also interested in Elvis’s performances – these are the moments that captivate the audience with her 30-year-old Austin Butler, skin tight dress, swaying waist and unique dance. No wonder there was always applause at the gala.


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