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“Knicks Fest” on ZDFneo from Tuesday: Episode 6, Season 2 online and back on TV

How did Tuesday (October 5, 2021) go with “Nix Festes”? The answer can be found here: All the information about the recurrence of “The Great Speech” online on the media library and on TV, as well as all the upcoming TV dates from “Nix Festes”.

There is no banquet on ZDFneo
Image: ZDFneo, sent by FUNKE program guides

On Tuesday (October 5, 2021) another show “Nix Festes” was shown on television at 11:40 p.m. They have a comedy series ZDFneo Couldn’t watch episode 6 of Season 2 (“The Big Speech”)? Check out the ZDFneo Media Library. Numerous TV shows can be found here to stream as needed video after being aired online. You will usually find the program in the media library after it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. ZDFneo remakes Episode 6 from Season 2 (“The Big Speech”) but back on TV: On 6.10.2021 A 2:20 p.m. And 10.10.2021 A Day 11:45.

“Nix Festes” on TV: “The Big Speech” is that

Five friends are moving through the chaos of life. Everyone is busy, yet “nothing”. Not professionally or personally. In love, at work or in friendship – life is always full of challenges. And it often does not make it easy to find your own place. Surprise! At Basti’s reception, Jonas learns that his parents are coming the next day. One more thing is clear: there will be big talk in your luggage. About Jonas’ professional life, his retirement and his living conditions. So Wiebke and Jonas create a waterproof distraction plan – if they are not mistaken. But Basti’s father also suddenly came to the door. A man who still can’t admit his son’s homosexuality after all these years. Nevertheless, he brings with him a great reason why Basti questions his tolerance. Jenny discovered completely new pages while making a dubious discovery in the trash. Shocked at first by the lack of waste segregation, she soon realized that she had found a culprit. However, the greatest misery goes through Leonard – because he has now only invented the “Game of Thrones” and has been living in constant danger ever since. Eight new episodes from October 5, 2021 will come in pairs, airing on ZDFneo on Tuesday night at 11:15 p.m. All episodes will be available in the Media Library starting October 5, 2021. (Source: ZDFneo, sent by FUNKE program guides)

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“Nix Fest”: All cast and information at a glance

Chapter: 6 / Season 2 (“The Big Talk”)

again and again: 10/6/2021 (2:20 am)

At: ZDFneo

With: Josephine Brooch, Sebastian Frostorf, Mary Rutschek, Tim Gulkoff and Dirk Martens

Type: Comedy Series

FSK: Approved from 12 years old

Year of production: 2021

Long: 20 minutes

In HD: Yes

Next airing dates for “Nix Fest” on TV

Where and when to watch other episodes of “Nix Fest” can be found here:

Title of the chapter Series Chapter Date Time Sender Period
Everything in the beginning 2 5 6.10.2021 2:00 p.m. ZDFneo 20 minutes
Old flames, new flames 2 7 12.10.2021 11:15 p.m. ZDFneo 20 minutes
Female overview 2 8 12.10.2021 11:35 p.m. ZDFneo 25 minutes

(Information about season and episode numbers is provided by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the post in the official episode guides)

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