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“Good night and good luck”: Glass Kleber’s section words in “Heat Journal”

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The “Heat Journal” rated 2977 shows by Klaus Kleber. “It won’t be much,” he said at the start of his last broadcast

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ZDF editor Klaus Klepper last rated “Today Journal”. In his last broadcast, he not only addressed his group.

At the beginning of the show, Klaus Kleber made it clear that this would be a special event: he had a paper with the number 2977 on camera. Kleber assessed the many problems of the “Heute Journal” in ZDF, one thing is clear: there will be none more.

At 10:10 p.m., Kleber showed up with a monitor set on a moderate table, not sure what was coming next. “There are two levels here that I don’t know about,” he said. Kundula Kaus, who was by his side, knew about it: he thanked Kleber on behalf of the team and praised his “excellent journalistic spirit”. “You do not want to hear it, but: you go, it’s the end of an era,” she concluded.

Important and fun scenes with Glass Klopper

Following this, a clip with one of Kleber’s most important interviewers, a short dance in the studio and with the presenter Ages and Fashion – he himself acknowledged it with a laugh: “If you get a goodbye picture of Claudio Armbress, you really did.”

But then Kleber returned to the audience: “It has to be a little more serious.” Kleber initially drew a gloomy note: “Anyone who finds the news coming here every day can not be complacent. The epidemic leaves a lot of misery, but it will pass. There is nothing else. The abolition of democracy in the United States is constantly being eaten up, and the European idea has lost its momentum – as well as some things here. “

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Kleber said. “For the first time, our tools are as powerful as our problems. It could take anything.” But without an informed and assertive public it would be nothing. “That’s why there should be editorial departments like the ones behind this show: enthusiastic professionals who can compete with the same goal of creating the best show every morning. Fearless, without reservation pressure and must be protected from political drag.” But there is no point if the big team can’t convince the audience.

“The noses that always stand in front are changing – now for example: Kundula stay, thank God. I’m leaving. Christian Sewers is coming.” As the host of the “Heat Journal” he said his last words: “Good night and good luck. And happy new year. Above all, thank you so much here. See you soon.” The last scene captured by the ZDF camera is Gundula Gause.

“Today’s Magazine” for almost 20 years in ZDF

For the first time he was the main host of the show on February 3, 2003 – the successor to Wolf von Lozhevsky. Prior to that, she worked as a reporter and studio manager for ARD in the United States and later in Great Britain for ARD. Christian Sewers was declared the successor of Kleber. In the new role, the 52-year-old will make his first appearance on January 10th. 52-year-old Marietta Slomka is the second major presenter. This year an average of 4.15 million viewers followed each issue of “heute journal”.

proof’s:“Today’s Magazine” in the ZDF Media Library from December 30, 2021, DPA.

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