Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson On A Pizza Date: One Big Amore, Please!  - People

How do you say that beautifully? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Kim Kardashian (41) and Pete Davidson (28) are really hungry – for each other and for pizza!

The two love birds were caught on a hot pizza date in Los Angeles. Before the calories were even put on the table at Jon & Vinny’s Italian restaurant, some were burned. With cuddles and cuddles extensively. It seems like it got really serious between former rapper Kanye West (44) and her new subject of desire.

Well known despite the mask: Kardashian reality star and comedian Pete Davidson. Holding hands crushingly, their eyes shiningPhoto: working pressure

Holding Kim tightly in his arms, Pete hugged the American comedian (“Saturday Night Live”), who was 13 years his junior and who befriended several famous, beautiful women (including Kate Beckinsale, 48, or Ariana Grande, 28).

A guy must have something super special, and that’s definitely not the baggy, colorful pants he wore on a date with reality star Kim Kardashian.

Fashion victim Kim looked bravely looking at the rowdy Buxe, while showing herself off in a chic oversized jacket and skinny leather leggings. It’s not just Pete who can admire her famous curves in it.

Even onlookers, who may have only seen the couple from behind, may have guessed who is in close contact with Kim’s swollen butt.

It's clear that Kim and Pete don't want to give up on each other anymore

It’s clear that Kim and Pete don’t want to give up on each other anymorePhoto: working pressure

Since you can’t live on air and love, Kim and Pete ordered two large pizzas (prices range from $13.75 to $26.75), a salad and a Diet Coke from the Italian restaurant, according to the Daily Mail.

The two sat across from each other at a small table and ate casually, eyewitnesses reported. They were just as amazed as the pizza bakers visiting celebrities.

After the pizza, the two were still in the mood for a small, sweet snack and got ice cream from a drugstore chain. This way, of course, you can also cool down the internal heat a bit.

Kim and Pete left the Italian in Los Angeles via the back entrance.  They were discovered anyway

Kim and Pete left the Italian in Los Angeles via the back entrance. They were discovered anywayPhoto: working pressure

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