Katja Krasavis defends herself after Po-Posting

Katja Krasavis defends herself after Po-Posting
Katja Krasavis did not want to put up with Juju's last attack.

Katja Krasavis did not want to put up with Juju’s last attack. Bild: screenshot / Instagram / katjakrasavice

About a week ago, the feud began between the two German rappers, which does not seem to have come to an end at the moment. The beef run between Juju and Katja Krasavice was a video shot on the Juju Tour. After calls from the audience to “undress,” Berlin answered simply: “I am not Katja Krasowzi!” They mocked the rapper, known for her charm, with this saying.

Then another clip was circulated from another JoJo concert, where the audience, in turn, asked her to take off her clothes. Now only the “missing” compiler answered: “I’m not allowed to say anything else about it.” Then Katya declared herself the winner of the controversy and wrote: “She has learned. And if she does not learn, we will teach her!”

Juju added but the former Youtuber was “happy” too early, posting a picture of Katya’s bare bottom. Her opponent’s answer was more detailed this time.

Katja Krasavis defends herself after posting Pu Juju

Juju this week made clear her opinion of Katja Krasavis’ sarcasm. She posted a close-up of Katja’s butt and wrote: “I do not care”. An enlarged image, which you can see is actually the bottom of Katja, pushed it back.

Juju posts a picture of Katja Krasavice and clearly expresses her opinion on it.

Juju posts a picture of Katja Krasavice and clearly expresses her opinion on it.Photo: screenshot / Instagram / jujufourundzig

The native Czech didn’t want to leave this sitting and wrote about the photo being reposted: “Last week, you were shamed on stage – I thought you were learning from your mistake! Not after seven days, you’re body shame!” She then asked Juju if she really wanted to interrupt the fight that “and many other strong women have been fighting for years” with her comments. She furiously added:

“This is about standing up and fighting for women, not against them! I’m disappointed in you as a woman and especially as a woman in German rap.”

In the end, the translator of “Onlyfans” turned to her fans: “Natural or surgical, wearable or revealing – don’t let anyone laugh at you because of it!” And directed to JoJo: “I thought you’d know that.”

Katya Krasavis responds with a detailed text.

Katya Krasavis responds with a detailed text.Bild: screenshot / Instagram / katjakrasavice

Do you want Juju to gain followers with Katja-Disses?

Juju has yet to respond to this, and it remains to be seen if she will continue to do so between her concerts in the middle of her tour. Anyway, Katja had a theory as to why Juju chose her as a beef opponent in the first place: The number of your followers on Instagram has dwindled sharply in recent months.

While she crossed the 1 million subscribers mark on the social media platform after an initial argument with Katja, Juju is now “only” with 920,000 followers. Katya’s followers also pointed out and doubted that Juju wanted to go back to the millionth with the name dropping. The rapper’s response excerpt: “Oh, Juju hasn’t been around a million followers for a long time. It’s more about not losing the nines in the lead.”



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