Kathy deletes holiday photo with Mats Hummels - one note is confused
Kathy Hummels spent Christmas with Mats and little Ludwig.

Kathy Hummels spent Christmas with Mats and little Ludwig.Photo: cathyhummels / instagram

Kathy Hummels has also kept her Instagram followers updated over the Christmas holidays: She spent Christmas Eve in a small group with Mats and her son Ludwig, as a similar photo show. Then we went on vacation first – also in a “small circle”. Kathy and Mats still don’t comment on the months-long separation rumors, but with their son, the two often show off family harmony on social media.

On Monday morning, the 33-year-old shared a current photo supposedly with Ludwig and Mats, with the description of the photo confusing followers. After a short time the post disappeared again.

Kathy Hummels comment causes confusion

The recording only showed Kathy, Mats and Ludwig, but the post was introduced by the influencer with the phrase “The Four of Us”. One user immediately felt bewildered and speculated about Kathy’s renewed pregnancy. Less than an hour later, the post on Instagram could no longer be found – Kathy probably deleted it herself.

No explanation has yet been given as to who should be meant by the second person. However, an Instagram story from Kathy’s weekend could give a hint. Looks like she was seen with a nanny in the supermarket. So she has more company on vacation. In any case, pregnancy will be a surprise at this time. It would be understandable that she didn’t even want to stir up rumors in the first place.

But whether it’s a breakup or not: Kathy and Mats seem to continue to get along so well, not least because of their son, a good relationship is important to them both.

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By the way, this year Kathy celebrated Christmas “completely unconventionally” according to her own statements – in a hotel in Munich where there is Japanese food in the “small circle”. As justification, she stated that she needed to relax and rest after she “suffered a lot – negative as well as positive” in 2021.



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