Kate Beckinsale loves it: Madonna is (almost) naked in bed — and under it

Kate Beckinsale loves it
Madonna is (almost) naked in bed – and under it

Once again, the Queen of Pop follows her showmanship desire. So she presented a new version of “In Bed with Madonna” on social networks. Or should it actually be “Under the Bed with Madonna”? Anyway, Kate Beckinsale enjoys the pictures.

It’s been 30 years since Madonna caused the footage with her “In Bed with Madonna” documentary. After all, the pop star has presented himself in a lot of revealing and not entirely youthful situations. At the time, the singer was in her early thirties and was the undisputed queen of pop on the planet.

Today Madonna is 63 years old. But her showmanship motive sometimes is still there. She now offers proof of this on her Instagram page. The singer posted a series of photos showing her semi-naked. Well, a pair of mesh pantyhose, high heels, skinny briefs, and a bra that barely deserves its name for the thin screen job.

Heavenly work?

However, viewers see a lot. Madonna is even ignoring a strict nipple ban on Instagram in one photo. Her nipple is clearly visible in the shot.

“In Bed with Madonna reloaded” can be written about this photo series. However, not every scene takes place in bed. Madonna also stands in front of the bed and even under it. In one of the photos she was lying on her stomach on the floor. The upper part of her body is under the bed, only her buttocks and spread legs are jumping towards you.

“An Angel Is Watching Me” is Madonna’s brief, cheerful caption on the pictures, which also shows putty on the wall. How to find heavenly work, each person has to decide for himself.

Actress Kate Beckinsale at least enjoyed it. She posted a chat history with her daughter Lily Mo Chen on her Instagram page.

The conversation began with the said picture of Madonna under the bed. This Hollywood star sent this to his daughter saying, “You think it’s about posting this? The thing is, my ass looks good.”

“Your mother’s anus”

Lili Mo Xin’s reaction was very confused. “I have to say I’m a little confused. I think this is a bit too much, but it’s also artistic,” her spontaneous reply was.

Then Beckinsale explained, “This is Madonna.” She joked, “I can’t believe you don’t recognize your mother’s anus under the bed.”

The 48-year-old daughter of the “underworld” star was very relieved. “I’m crying now with tears of joy. It’s not about shame if I post that, but I’d be worried.”

Madonna, on the other hand, seems curious about such concerns. So she also managed to draw attention to herself again anyway. By the way, what their children think about it has not yet been passed on.

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