Kai Pflaume Special: Useless Coupling!  His heart beats for this woman

Presenter Kai Pflaume is still a darling of the German TV scene at the age of 54 – but Cupid can confidently leave his arrows stuck. Kai Pflaume has long found the love of his life with his wife Ilke.

Artist Kai Pflaume and his wife Ilke at the Golden Camera Awards in Hamburg.
Photo: dpa

In the early years of his television career, he became a presenter Kai plum The Amur Foam Denst seal is non-disposable. The reason for this is simple: since 1993, the TV star from Halle an der Saale has been the headshot of the show “Nur die. the love counts”, which aired on RTL and maintained itself as a long-running hit on TV shows until 2011. Here he forcibly brought together separated lovers, united friends who either lost seeing each other or settled disputes. The rule of thumb is: who ever wanted to find a loved one once Other or surprise, he just lost his knock on Kai Pflaume.

Kai Pflaum happily married his wife Elke as a family man

However, in his private life, the mediator does not need any support in personal matters – Omar has long managed to shoot his arrows at Kai Pflaume. Already in 1996 he found happiness with his wife Elke. He and Elke have two sons together, Marvin (born December 1997) and Leon (born August 2000). “I am very grateful and humbled by what life has given me,” Pflaume said when asked about his family to purestars.de.

Kai Pflaume in private: This is why his wife Ilke is his great love

Born in Saxony-Anhalt, Pflaume went west in 1989 and began his brilliant television career. His wife, former host Elke, has been by his side for more than 20 years. “Ilke is the woman of my dreams because she has everything that makes me happy. She is smart, sensitive and self-confident,” the medium said in tender words of his great love for “the woman in the mirror.” Kai Pflaume has now found his home with his wife and children in Grünwald, near Munich.

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Professionally in demand! Kai Pflaume is back in ARD

With such strong support, nothing can go wrong professionally. After overseeing jobs at Sat.1, RTL, and Pro7, the now 52-year-old has primarily been at ARD since 2011. For the public broadcaster, her favorite mother-in-law offers formats like “That’s cool!” (2013 to 2015), “Star Quiz with Kai Pflaume” (2011 to 2012) or, since 2014, the “Hard to Believe!” quiz on NDR. For four years Kai Pflaume has also been with “Who do you know? “ It’s on TV and also guarantees top-notch audience ratings in formats like “Small vs Big – The Unbelievable Duel” since 2011.

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