Home Top News ‘Belly Geising’: Sasha Mulders will appear in the future for Großaspach

‘Belly Geising’: Sasha Mulders will appear in the future for Großaspach

‘Belly Geising’: Sasha Mulders will appear in the future for Großaspach

January 07 2022, 11:49 am

football SG Sonnenhof Großaspach has announced the hiring of Hans-Jürgen Boysen as head coach and Sascha Mölders as assistant coach.

On Monday January 10th, SG Sonnenhof Großaspach will begin preparing for the rest of the games at Regionalliga Südwest. The Secretary-General there currently occupies the penultimate place in the table. Hans-Jürgen Boessen and Sasha Mölders will be in charge of the start after the Christmas holidays. The contracts of the president and assistant coach are valid until the end of the season, the club announced Friday noon.

Michael Ferber, Head of Sports, said in the announcement: “I am very happy that we can count on the desire and experience of Hans-Jürgen Boysen, who has known the club and the surrounding area for many years. With Sascha Mölders we have also been able to engage an absolute mindset and a different player who will help us immediately as a kind He is a player and can also develop his coaching career as an assistant coach at SG.”

Boysen was already working as a coach at SG, and the club released him in May 2021. Also at that time, Großaspach was at the bottom of the regional league table. Most recently, Steffen Weiß held the position. The General Security had announced the separation from him in early December 2021.

The engagement with Munich 1860 ended in a dispute

Mulders and his former employer, 1860 Munich, had separated before Christmas after ex-captain Mulders was released from training with the lions at the beginning of December. The 36-year-old striker, a favorite among Munich fans, is no longer considered satisfactory.

Sasha Mölders sits disappointed on the field in an 1860 Munich shirt after the end of a third division match. His time with Lions ended disappointingly. Photo: dpa

According to media reports, those responsible for 1860 in Munich were also dissatisfied with Mulder’s secondary job. For example, the cult kicker runs an online store that sells clothes under his nickname “Die Wampe von Giesing”.

Giesing is the area where the Grünwalder Stadium and Munich Lions are located. The pelvis refers to that part of the body that does not look quite athletic to a professional. The top striker seems to have lost more and more credibility with the fans and within the team.

Regarding the commitment at Großaspach, for which Mülders relegates one level to the third division, he said: “I remain very motivated as a player and I would like to help SG on the field take on a responsible role as coach and can learn from Hans-Jürgen here.”

Boysen and Mölders already know each other from earlier second-division times at FSV Frankfurt, when Mölders was hunting for targets under coach Boysen.

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