Juventus prevented defeat in Turin Serie A and won the first league of the new season. Coach Massimiliano Alegre’s team beat Spicea Calcio on Wednesday evening With 3: 2 (1: 1) By Newcomer Moise Keane brought the historically badly started “Old Lady” to the forefront within half an hour (28th). Emmanuel Kiaci (33rd) and Janice Andiste (49th) turned the game in home favor. But Turin struck again and shot the top three in the Italian elite with Federico Cesa (66th) and Matiz de Ligt (72nd).


Juve, who has not stepped foot in Manchester United without migrating superstar Cristiano Ronaldo this season, advanced to twelfth place with his first win of the new season. Meanwhile, Specia Calcio slipped to 16th. Previously, Joe had only scored two points in the first four league games with coach Allegri, last happening to Bianconeri 60 years ago and only three times in their club history (1942/43, 1955/56, 1961/62). The Turin team is waiting for a clean sheet for 19 games – not happening for any other club in Europe’s leading leagues during this period.

Former Bayern star Frank Ribery also had his first small achievement impression with his new boss, US Salernitana. Series A climber overtook Hellas Verona a 2: 2 (1: 2) Thus got the first counter after four consecutive bankruptcies. Nicola Kaliniிக் (7th / 29th) doubled the lead in front of the guests, but Cedric Kondo (45th + 2) and Mamto Coolibali secured the first point victory of the underdog, which is at the bottom of the table.

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