Just in a bad mood, or already depressed?

Possess blues, out of tune, angs or rages, or Viennese “grants.” Hardly any emotional state knows as many forms of description as a bad mood. It occurs in various forms, the spectrum ranging from a brief, temporary disorder to a long-term depression. Here you can learn the line between occasional bad moods and real depression and where to find help.

Depression: Who is affected?

According to mag. Elizabeth Pellegrini, MD, psychiatrist and psychotherapist More women than men seek professional help for depression. Men often have a harder time recognizing depression than this, because they often experience it differently than women. While women tend to withdraw, men often become aggressive. Men are also increasingly turning to alcohol or other addictive substances in order to self-medicate and are therefore less likely to see a therapist.

What is depression?

Depression can manifest in many ways. Not everyone who suffers from it experiences it the same way, including those symptoms severity of depression It varies from person to person. However, the diagnosis is based on three main symptoms:

  • gloomy mood
  • estrangement
  • laziness

in severe cases (major depression) Can the depressed mood reach a Feeling of inner emptiness He goes. Lack of joy leads to a loss of the ability to find pleasure in things or activities that would lead to positive experiences. This condition is also called Anhedonie specific. Lack of drive is often accompanied by severe and persistent fatigue and a loss of stamina. Not only physical endurance is affected social interactions or mental effort It can be very tiring for sufferers.

Symptoms of depression?

In addition to the main symptoms, there may be other symptoms Additional symptoms speak, like Loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, feelings of guilt or suicidal thoughts. Physical pain can also be caused by depression, and many sufferers report it Uncomfortable to painful pressure on the chest.

However, anyone who notices some of these symptoms in themselves suffers from it Do not panic. Waking up in the morning feeling gloomy and sluggish does not necessarily mean that you are depressed sick He is. Just as there are days when you don’t believe your luck for no apparent reason, there are also days when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. However, it is not easy for ordinary people to judge exactly the boundary between bad mood and mental illness.

Dr. According to Pellegrini, one of the most important factors is duration of symptoms. Being depressed is not something that happens once and then goes away after a few hours. just who Symptoms persisted for 14 days Talk about depression. There must be at least two of the three main symptoms, depressed mood, laziness and listlessness. Then the number of secondary symptoms is crucial to determine the severity of depression.

I think I’m depressed, what should I do?

Anyone who has been feeling depressed, lethargic, or gloomy for more than two weeks has different options for seeking help. One diagnosis These can be provided by doctors, psychologists, or psychotherapists. Although general practitioners can diagnose mental illnesses, psychiatrists and psychotherapists are specifically trained in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses and are therefore often better qualified. Specialists, psychologists, and psychotherapists should be given preference over non-medical practitioners, because non-medical practitioners often deal with treatment methods that There is no proven effect have or even be harmful.

Help, I think my baby is depressed! you can do it!

What can I expect if I ask for help?

Anyone who is unsure whether they have depression or another disorder is advised to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Often the first thing to clarify is if there are any physical problems. Vitamin D or iron deficiency as well as hypothyroidism can have a significant impact on mood and Symptoms of depression Lead, according to Dr. Pellegrini. If physical causes can be ruled out, the next step should be psychotherapy. In an initial consultation, an attempt is made to find out where the problem that lies behind the depression lies. Then it is determined Any form of treatment appropriate and a framework for treatment has been established. This includes, for example, the number and frequency of meetings. In therapy, one can too medicine Recommended, although medications such as antidepressants can only be prescribed by doctors.

An important factor for the success of treatment is the relationship between the patient and the therapist. anyone in therapy He feels uncomfortableYou should consider seeing another therapist. In everyday life it doesn’t get along well with everyone, and it’s no different in psychotherapy.

ware severe symptoms And feels unable to get to their first doctor appointment or treatment or doesn’t have one yet, contact the Emergency Psychosocial Service (SND) on 0131 330. If you contact SND, you will receive immediate help from trained professionals 24 hours a day, 356 days a day per year and without any bureaucratic hurdles.

More information is available on the SND website at Emergency Psychosocial Service (SND)

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