Jean-Michel Blancer confirms:

“Al Qaeda is a kindness for the students, we must guarantee them the value of the diploma and support them in their success.”National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blancer insisted on franceinfo on Friday 23 April. Teachers, high school students and students are concerned about taking the patent, baccalaureate and BTS exams, which will take place in health conditions strained by the Covid-19 epidemic, for the second year in a row.

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“If you get the baccalaureate, for example, we reserve a bit of final control. We emphasized continuous control a little bit and in my opinion, it’s very good if there is a part of continuous control and a bit of control.”Jean-Michel Blancer said.

Regarding the difficulty of preparing the major oral seminar from a distance, the Minister of National Education responds to this “Specifically, high school students will not be in an exclusive mode for distance learning. First of all, there are preparation modules in place, which we put on our sites, and teachers are being trained on that. And then, of course, students, in May and June, should Specifically, the opportunity, and in a rather intense way, to train in this word of mouth..

“In May, everyone will be in half-scale mode, and I also hope we can relax this protocol when things get a little better. But what is certain is that all high schools are equal in May and June.”

Jean-Michel Blancer

To franceinfo

Jean-Michel Blancer specifies that BTS students will have them “A catch-up session, at the beginning of July, if they are unable to attend for health reasons or even if they do not succeed, on the basis of an oral examination that takes into account the difficulties they faced. But above all, the most important thing is what I announced yesterday: In May and June, we will dedicate additional resources so that there is personal assistance. Any BTS student should be able to benefit from some type of personal training to prepare for success. “

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