It was a Stuttgart resident: He found Harrison Ford's credit card!

Harrison Ford shock moment: The star lost his credit card in Sicily. Thanks to the honest researcher from Stuttgart, he got it back.

Stuttgart / Mondello – He played movie heroes such as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Save the world from the Nazis or a galaxy far from the empire. But now Hollywood star Harrison Ford (79) has got help himself: from Swabia!

Selfie as a thank you: Hollywood star Harrison Ford (79) with honest scholar Simon Milewski.

Selfie as a thank you: Hollywood star Harrison Ford (79) with honest scholar Simon Milewski. © Screenshot: Milewski

We remember: the acting legend is currently in the Italian island of Sicily for the filming of the fifth part of “Indy”.

So far, not very surprising. If the 79-year-old hadn’t lost his black credit card there!

But salvation came in the form of Simon Milewski of Stuttgart. The young man is on vacation in Sicily – and notices the credit card that no one seems to own.

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Where some may be weak, the Swabian showed decency and brought valuable discoveries to the police in Mondello, a suburb of Palermo, dpa reported.

Law enforcement officers, in turn, found Ford, and so the good piece found its rightful owner again.

But Ford also proved that Hollywood attitudes are alien to him: He snapped a selfie with the honest researcher without further ado, Milewski said. On his Instagram page High loaded. You can see in it: Both men with big smiles, Ford holding a black credit card into the camera.

“Harrison Ford has his credit card back now,” Milewski notes. Referring to the 79-year-old’s “Star Wars” films: “Now the force is back with him…”

This exciting discovery was made public by the press around the world, including a report by Washington Post About the useful German tourist.

But the story was also a topic in German television news. Baff Milewski wrote on his Instagram story: “I really didn’t think my selfie would make it to ZDF today.”

By the way: It will be some time before you can see the new “Indy” in cinemas. The tape is scheduled to begin on June 30, 2023.

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