It looks like Donald Trump is paying the Secret Service again thousands of dollars

Had to in January Donald Trump Leave the White House. However, the lives of former US presidents are still protected by Secret Service officials. However, in Trump’s case, this is costly: he pays bodyguards for an overnight stay in his luxury accommodations.

According to the Washington Post,Now, a Secret Service document has revealed that Trump billed his bodyguards about $10,200 for guest rooms in the month of May alone. Rooms are located on the grounds of Trump Bedminster Golf Club in the US state New Jersey.

The Secret Service has made its cost records public due to inquiries from residents. The document shows that Trump, despite the vocal criticism, continues to accuse his bodyguards of staying overnight.

As early as May it became known that the Republicans would be in the first few months of the year She asked for $40,000 to house the bodyguards. The amount was supposed to cover the cost of staying at Trump’s luxury Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach. The former president spent time there after leaving the White House. At the beginning of May, he moved to the golf club – with his bodyguards.

Joe Biden was asking for rent from the Secret Service as Vice President

Figures known so far show that US taxpayers have paid more than $50,000 to his company since the end of Trump’s term. According to the Washington Post, legal experts do not see this as a violation of the law. There are no laws preventing the Trump Company from charging the Secret Service for use of rooms—neither during nor after the presidency.

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According to the Washington Post, only one Secret Service sponsor has requested rent to use real estate in the recent past. so that it is Joe Biden In his position as Vice President from 2011 to 2017 $2,200 per month to use a cottage on his property in Delaware calculated. In total, 171,600 costs were incurred.

The Washington Post quoted a spokesperson for the president as saying that since taking office, Biden has reportedly not sent any bills to the Secret Service. According to the newspaper, the costs Trump incurred in the Secret Service were already higher in the first three months of his term than those incurred by Biden in his entire political career.


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