The Austria national under-21 football team is under pressure today (6pm, ORF Sport+) in the European Championship qualifiers at Rieder Jusko Arena. The recent 3-1 defeat in Norway was as surprising as it could have been avoided. A victory must be achieved over Azerbaijan. “Everyone expects us to win, but it certainly won’t be as easy as many think,” Austrian Football Association coach Werner Grigorich said of the duel with the underdog, who lost 2-0 in Croatia at the start of the elimination.

“It’s important to get up again after a traumatic event and attack fully. I want the team to set an example,” Grigorich emphasized at the camp in Bad Schallerbach. Reed’s last two international matches have achieved success without conceding a goal: after a 4-0 win over Azerbaijan in November 2020, they opened the current qualifiers for the European Under-21 Championship with a 2-0 win over Estonia. On June 8, Yusuf Demir (FC Barcelona), now part of the first national team, was signed to the bowlers list. “We feel very comfortable at Reed and hope that viewers will move forward,” said Gregorich. “External support is very important.” Season ticket holders from SV Ried managed to get a free ticket until yesterday, twelve euros (six reduced) must be paid for a seat.

The winners of the qualifying group and the best runner-up qualify for the Euro 2023 finals in Romania and Georgia, and the remaining runners-up have to go to the play-off matches.

European Under-21 Championship qualifiers, Group A: 1st Finland 3/1, 2nd Norway 3/1, 3rd Croatia 3/1, 4th Austria 3/2, 5th Azerbaijan 0/1, 6th Estonia 0/2.

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