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Is Biden changing America? Courtesy of ES

Is Biden changing America?  Courtesy of ES

One thousand nine hundred billion dollars or 1.9 trillion, that’s really a lot of money. Of this, it produces about 42,690 billion Czech crowns, 42.69 trillion. To this end, it is theoretically possible to build 213 new units of the Dugovani nuclear power plant (if the supplier complies with the fixed price ceiling of CZK 200 billion). Or you can buy the nearly 50 million டாkoda Octavia cars in the popular and expensive Scout version. At the same time, this is a sum recently proposed by President Joe Biden. So now will every US government get at least four new nuclear units or will every American family get a new car? Really, not sure, but for the most difficult idea of ​​what form and rise the entrance to the White House by Joe Biden would be, such an example would work very well.


America is enjoying surprises. Nothing specific was expected from Biden’s inauguration. His own main argument during the election campaign was that he could defeat Donald Trump and “restore the American soul”. Above all, it must be calm by an epidemic, weaken emotions, and cause rational and science-based suffering. The clouds in America were really dark. The earth was half a million dying. Ten million more Americans are out of work than they were a year ago. The Left knew that Biden was an experienced pragmatist with no understandable ideological zeal, some of whom lamented in advance what he would lose in the years to come. Trump awaits the arrival of an old man on the right as a Democrat

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