Cambridge / Brock Scientists have historically made the first prediction of the impact of the climate crisis on the values ​​of the economic dynamics of individual nations. According to experts, inaction against global warming will not be effective in the long run; On the contrary, it can have serious consequences. Due to the downgrade, the year-end year could rise by hundreds of billions of dollars.

From economists University of Cambridge Predictions about the impact of the climate crisis from Standard & Poor’s. In the research, experts used the knowledge of environmental scientists, who incorporated them into economic models. The scientists came to a clear turn. If the emission forces of glass gases continue to rise, the credibility of the economies of 63 of the 108 states surveyed will decline by a lever by 2030, with the US and the Czech Republic losing two points a decade, Germany and even three India.

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With the growth rate of emissions at the current rate, the average temperature at the end of the century will rise by five degrees Celsius. The associated effects would mean an average of 2.48 points drop in the 80-nation rating by 2100, for example, which is estimated to fall by six points, while the United States, Germany and Australia would fall by three points. The country is estimated to be worth $ 137 billion and $ 205 billion by the end of this century, out of the years that have been repaid due to depreciation.

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According to the researchers in the study, our results show that if the emissions of glass gases increase, all countries, even the poor and the rich, will record declines (estimates) with hot or cold air.

Its main goal is to keep global average temperatures below two degrees Celsius, following the scale of the 2015 average climate deal, with an average decline of 0.65 points expected in the estimate due to the climate crisis. This means that the nrst cost associated with the years is $ 23 and billion 34 billion.

Researchers first call for further research into the economic impact of the climate crisis, and then call on credit rating agencies’ forecasts to better deal with global threats. Climate change is not known to be noticeable to researchers. The study found that markets need clear and understandable information on how climate change is becoming a material hazard. According to the census, there is no current epidemic of Govt-19 in the effects of the climate crisis to the current crisis.


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