Iris Klein: Your daughter-in-law has a court order against you

Iris Klein (55), mother of Daniela Katzenberger (35) is famous for saying she’s always on her mind. But this is precisely what became the reason for its decline. The 55-year-old pleaded not guilty against her daughter-in-law last May.

Her daughter-in-law Tobias Katzenberger made fun of the name of her unborn grandson. Then the controversy escalated and Iris publicly insulted Silke Katzenberger and even posted audio messages. as such “celebrity flash“Now that I found out about Silk, I filed for an injunction and now got a court order against Iris.

You can see how Iris Klein annoys her fans by posting a sensitive Facebook post in the video!

Silk Katzenberger on her mother-in-law Iris Klein: ‘Right in the ass’

The decision may state that the reality TV star is not allowed to publish any recordings without the person’s consent. In addition, she must refrain from all insults. Otherwise, at worst, the 55-year-old faces a large fine.

Since then, Iris has deleted the aforementioned posts from her social platforms, and partner Tobias Katzenberger is very happy about that. Silk finally confirmed to Promeflash: “How this woman treats people and I, without ever knowing us or me, finds the woman Iris Klein – my mother-in-law – a good fit for the ass.”


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