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Title: Iraqi Islamic Resistance Launches Successful Attacks on Israeli Targets in Multiple Locations

In a daring move, Iraq’s Islamic resistance group has executed two separate attacks on Israeli targets in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and northern Iraq, making a significant statement of defiance against Israeli aggression.

One of the attacks targeted a crucial location within the south of the Israeli “Eliad” settlement in the Golan Heights, an area of strategic importance. Reports emerging from the region indicate that an Israeli drone base was the main objective of this operation.

This act of resistance by the Iraqi group was conducted using “appropriate weapons” to support Gaza, which has been enduring an Israeli genocidal war for over 82 days. Israeli media sources have corroborated the attack, describing it as an assault by a “kamikaze drone” that struck a building in southern Golan. If verified to have originated from Syria, this event would mark the first attack of its kind since the outbreak of the Gaza conflict.

Additionally, the resistance group targeted a “technical and spying center” belonging to the Israeli regime in the northeastern part of Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region. This move demonstrates the group’s ability to reach beyond borders and strike at the heart of Israeli operations, even far away from their main theater of conflict.

These recent attacks in both Syria and Iraq are part of an intensified campaign by the Iraqi anti-terror group since October 7, in response to Israel’s launch of an aggressive war on Gaza, with the backing of Washington. It is worth noting that the group has previously targeted significant Israeli assets, including the port of Eilat and the Karish gas field.

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Overall, the Iraqi resistance has undertaken over 100 operations against US occupation forces in the region since the Gaza conflict erupted, demonstrating their determination to challenge and disrupt Israeli and American interests.

These bold attacks by the Iraqi Islamic resistance are indicative of a widening front against Israeli aggression, beyond the borders of Palestine itself. With each successful operation, this group asserts its capability to strike against Israeli targets and serve as a prominent force in the ongoing struggle for the rights of oppressed Palestinians.


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