Iran election turnout hits record low as polls close

Iran’s Parliamentary Elections see Record Low Turnout

Iran recently held its parliamentary elections, which saw a significant decrease in voter participation. The turnout stood at a record low of 40.6%, with the initial numbers showing only 27% after 10 hours of polls being open. In Tehran, the turnout was even lower at just 12% after 8 hours of voting.

In an attempt to increase participation, the authorities decided to keep the polls open for an extra two hours. Despite this extension, the total number of participants was reported to be 24,861,542.

The elections are expected to result in hardliners tightening their grip on the parliament and the Assembly of Experts. This shift comes as many reformist candidates were disqualified from standing, leading to allegations of a sham election.

Many voters expressed their opposition to the Islamic Republic and dissatisfaction with the lack of free and fair elections. Concerns have also been raised regarding the accuracy of the published turnout results, with some questioning the validity of the data.

Additionally, an opposition movement to boycott the elections led to the arrest of 50 “virtual page operators.” In a move viewed as continuing oppression by the regime, Grammy winner Shervin Hajipour was sentenced to nearly four years in prison on charges of propaganda against the establishment and inciting public unrest.

As the election results are finalized, the Iranian people await to see the impact of the low voter turnout and the potential changes in the country’s political landscape.

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