The three-day Easter isolation began throughout Saturday Italy. With Lock Down, Rome wants to prevent an increase in the number of new cases during the holidays. The whole of the Appen Peninsula has become known as the Red Zone, so drastic measures apply.

Italians can leave their homes only when needed, but in their region, whether they are family or friends, the other two adults can meet on their Easter board. Churches are open, but believers are only allowed to attend services in their area.

For the second time in a row, Pope Francis will deliver the traditional message of Urbi et RP (city and world) in St. Peter’s Basilica without the participation of the faithful. The Italian government has set aside the reinforcement of 70,000 police officers across the country.

After Easter, individual Italian areas will be in red or light orange reign until the end of the month. The country, like Europe, is facing a third epidemic, with 20,000 cases increasing daily.

The third lockout also begins Saturday FranceIt recorded nearly 47,000 cases on Friday, the largest week since November – the weekly increase. President Emmanuel Macron announced a nationwide shutdown, fearing that intensive care units would bear the brunt and handle another attack.

The new restrictions, which include stricter restrictions on the movement of all residents and the closure of schools and shops without the necessary supplies, will last a month. At the same time, French hospitals will increase the number of beds in the ICU from the current seven to ten thousand.

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According to the local Ministry of Health, more than twelve million French people have been vaccinated against the Covit-19 vaccine, which is more than eight percent of the population. Three million people have benefited from both.

He is the most diligent in Europe Britain, Forty-six percent of the local population was vaccinated. In all, the United Kingdom has vaccinated more than thirty-six million drugs. Eighteen million Britons have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca, confirmed by the British Pharmaceuticals Agency (MHRA).

Cases of thrombosis that develop after vaccination are associated with this vaccine. An investigation into whether this substance actually causes a very rare blood clot is still ongoing, and the European pharmaceutical company has stated that it cannot establish a causal link, although it cannot be completely ruled out. The MHRA stressed that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Thirty people in the UK have been battling blood clots since being vaccinated, according to the MHRA report. Twenty-two cases included cerebral nerve and raft thrombosis, and eight cases included other types of thrombosis in those with low platelet counts. Seven people died due to the freeze.

Release across the Atlantic

Less than one-third of the population was vaccinated with at least one dose United StatesIt consumed 157 million doses. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its safety recommendations and fully vaccinated people no longer have to go to isolation before or after going abroad.

According to CDC President Rochelle Wallen, one in five American adults is now fully vaccinated. However, he noted that despite the low risk, citizens are not yet advised to travel much as the daily number of positive tests is gradually increasing.

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Nevertheless, according to Reuters, the release of the CDC’s recommendations is a boost to the U.S. tourism industry, which is now only 43 percent higher than it was before the epidemic. According to experts, the change in the attitude of U.S. officials is also an unspoken confirmation of the effectiveness of the vaccine and may compel some Americans who have so far been reluctant to inject.

However, all persons living in the Schengen area have been barred from entering the United States for the past 14 days, including the Czech Republic, Britain, Ireland, Brazil, China and South Africa. According to an unnamed government source, Reuters writes that talks are now underway under President Joe Biden’s administration on when to relax these international sanctions. However, no changes in existing activities are likely to be planned in the future.

Road restrictions are also in place on the land border with Mexico and Canada. The rules on wearing a headscarf in the public transport environment will not change, as Fiden introduced it immediately after taking office in January.


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