Iran Calls for the Consequences of a

Problems arose at an Iranian nuclear facility on Sunday. Shortly thereafter, the state made the allegations against Israel. The damage is said to be greater than officially announced.

Amid talks about reviving the international nuclear deal with Iraq Iran The country speaks of a “terrorist” attack on one of its most important nuclear facilities. According to the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, an accident occurred on Sunday at the central uranium enrichment facility in Natan, but no radioactivity was released and no one was injured. According to an Israeli radio report, the Israeli Mossad intelligence service was behind the incident.

Iranian state television initially reported an incident in Natan on Sunday. A spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency said there was a problem with the plant’s power grid. Iran announced Saturday that it had started operating new centrifuges to enrich uranium in Natan.

Iran is demanding the consequences

The President of the Security Council said that “in order to thwart the objectives of those who were leading this terrorist act, Iran will continue to improve its nuclear technology on the one hand and will continue to work to lift the oppressive US sanctions on the other hand.” Iranian Atomic Energy Agency Ali Akbar Salehi … later on state television. His country reserves the right to take action against the perpetrators. Salehi called on the International Atomic Energy Agency and the international community to discuss “this nuclear material.” TerrorA spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency declined to comment.

at Israel The Kan public broadcaster reported that the Mossad had carried out a cyber attack on the Natanz nuclear facility. The station relied on intelligence sources but left it open from any country. The damage in Natan is greater than what Iran has announced. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He did not comment on the Natan incident at an event with military and intelligence executives. However, he said: “The war against Iran’s nuclear armament (…) is an arduous task.”

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Activate the nuclear deal

Last year, a fire broke out at an underground facility near the city of Natanz. The government has identified this as an attempt to sabotage the country’s nuclear program.

Efforts are currently underway to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, which aims to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Iran denies it has a military background for its nuclear activities. On the other hand, Israel has accused Iran of efforts to build nuclear weapons and considers this a threat to its security. The new president of the United States Joe Biden He promised his country to return to the treaty. Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump He terminated the agreement and reimposed sanctions on Iran.


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