Iran accuses Israel of attacking consulate in Syria, alleges deaths of Iranian military commanders

In a recent attack in Damascus, Syria, top Iranian military commanders were among the seven IRGC officials killed in an airstrike on Iran’s consulate building. The attack, which occurred last week, was quickly blamed on Israel by Iranian officials and state-affiliated media.

Senior IRGC commander Mohammed Reza Zahedi was among the officials killed in the attack, which also claimed the lives of five other individuals. The Iranian ambassador to Syria claimed that the building was targeted with six missiles from Israeli F-35 warplanes.

The Israel Defense Forces did not comment on the incident, but they believe that the building hit was a military building of the Quds forces. A spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces accused Iran of escalating the region and claimed that an Iranian UAV had hit an Israeli base in Eilat.

Following the attack, Iran warned of possible reciprocal measures, while Iranian and Syrian foreign ministers accused Israel of violating international regulations. The United States State Department spokesperson stated that they did not have confirmation of the target or responsible party.

The attack has raised tensions in the region, with Iran and Israel trading accusations and threats. The situation remains fluid as both sides continue to make claims and counterclaims about the incident. Stay tuned to Bio Prep Watch for further updates on this developing story.

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