Investigation report: Boris Johnson acted

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He helped fund the renovation of his official Downing Street residence in London, according to one source Investigation report Be “unwise” – but don’t violate the code of conduct. A government commissioned report on UK Cabinet members’ statements regarding conflicts of interest was released on Friday. The prime minister did not care how he would pay for the renovation costs, expert Christopher Giedt said. However, he has not been blamed for a conflict of interest or a violation of regulations.

In his report, Giedt writes that Johnson “knows nothing” about how to finance the designer who remodeled his own residences. Additionally, work began when Johnson was seriously ill with the Covid-19 virus. The prime minister should have shown more curiosity at a later time, however, noted Gieddet, who served as the Queen’s private secretary for ten years and is a member of the House of Lords.

Transfer costs € 233,000

He was the conservative prime minister a few weeks ago Get an explanationBecause the cost of renewing the luxury, as well as its financing, bothered many Brits. UK heads of government can claim up to 30,000 pounds (35,000 euros) in public funds annually to renovate their official homes. However, in Johnson’s case, the transfer was said to have cost up to 200,000 pounds (around 233,000 euros) according to reports. Johnson is also suspected of using party donations for funding without properly reporting this as a donation.

The conservative prime minister denies any wrongdoing. His longtime close friend and former senior adviser Dominic Cummings leaked his alleged plans after breaking up with Johnson to “secretly” raise donors for the replenishment.

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According to Gaidt, officials failed to inform Johnson that it was difficult to settle through a charity designated for replenishment and that the bills were in fact paid by the Conservative Party and a wealthy party donor. The prime minister learned about this only in February 2021, when there were interview press reports.

More investigations are planned

According to the internal investigation, Johnson was not completely satisfied. Due to the extensive redesign of Johnson’s official residence in Downing Street, several other investigations are underway, including by the Election Commission responsible for overseeing party and election funding, which is supposed to clarify whether the renewal was funded by private donations. Or in some other cases unfair. Way.


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