Interactive knowledge about treatment of symptoms of multiple sclerosis / DMSG

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are many, it is not by chance that it is often referred to as a disease with 1,000 symptoms. Many signs of illness are also invisible to outsiders, which makes dealing with these restrictions even more difficult. It is very important to find expert help and answers to many questions that can arise in everyday life with symptoms of MS.

Through, the DMSG Federal Association has created a responsive and ever-growing platform of knowledge and learning that enables everyone with MS and anyone interested to quickly and effectively learn about the most important topics in life with MS. In addition to the units on Medicaid, Nursing Services and the Law, there is now also a unit on symptomatic treatment. Fortunately, we have been able to draw on the extensive experience of two well-known MS experts on the subject, who know questions about treating MS symptoms from their many years of clinical practice:
Mr. Dr. MD Peter Flachenker, chief medical officer at the Kollenhof Neurological Rehabilitation Center
and Medical Professor Dr. Thomas Haines, author of several publications on MS symptoms.
Both are members of the DMSG Medical Advisory Board, Bundesverband eV


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