Instagram cheat: Kylie Jenner frees her nipples

Instagram cheat: Kylie Jenner frees her nipples

Instagram cheat
Kylie Jenner frees her nipples

At least it seems that the campaign to liberate women’s nipples on social networks is as old as Instagram itself. Now, Kylie Jenner is once again pouring oil on the fire of discussion. It will be difficult to prove that she committed a violation.

“Free the nipple” – this is the slogan under which women have been fighting for some time against the stigmatization of the female breast on Facebook, Instagram and Co, which they believe is outdated. Finally, the networks immediately ban footage of women showing nipples. In the case of men’s photos or videos, on the other hand, this naturally does not play any role, in keeping with social traditions.


Almost a real deceiver…

(Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner)

Is it a sign of emancipation when a woman can present herself unreservedly topless? This question can certainly be discussed at length. And the answer to that is likely quite different for old-school feminists like Alice Schwarzer than it is for Kylie Jenner, for example.

Millionaire businessman and Kim Kardashian’s half-sister is now pouring oil on the fire of the Instagram debate. She simply commented on one of her recent posts “Free the nipple.” In two posted photos, the 24-year-old can be seen in front of a wall and sunglasses in the scorching sunlight.

Twelve Hours – Over 8 Million Likes


What does Instagram say about this?

(Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner)

In the two shots taken from the frog’s perspective, the look inevitably lands immediately on Jenner’s bikini top. After all, it is the color of the skin and shows two taped nipples where the “real” Jenner nipples should be underneath.

Jenner should not violate the network’s guidelines. After all, here only the despicable appearance. So Instagram lacks arguments to delete the post.

Anyway, it seems Jenner is hitting the mark with fans of the movement. Within twelve hours, she received more than eight million likes for the post. “I thought they were real,” one user commented with two laughing emojis. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one who felt this way.


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