Information on vaccinations against autoimmune diseases, the Vac Mac project, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Information about vaccination against autoimmune diseases, #unemployment #mac #project

Ruhr University Bochum, 7 December 2022

#people with #autoimmune diseases They have a higher risk than others of getting an infection so severe that they #hospital I must die for it. This is why universal protection from vaccination is so important. All the information about how vaccinations work, which ones are recommended and why you shouldn’t worry that the vaccination will exacerbate chronic disease, is summarized on a new website by the Vac Mac project team, coordinated by the Department of Neurology at Ruhr-University Bochum together. Besides, there is one # Podcast.

Lots of worries and questions

Chronic inflammatory diseases mediated by the immune system include multiple sclerosis (MS), various rheumatic inflammatory diseases and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, which are abbreviated in the abbreviation MAC for MS, #arthritisAnd the # Colitis. Diseases are often treated with medication #immune system Intervention to prevent an overactive immune response. This carries an increased risk of infection. “It is therefore particularly important for those affected to ensure good vaccination protection,” says Project Director Professor Dr. Christine Hellweg of the Department of Neurology at Sankt Josef #hospitalAnd the #clinic The Ruhr University Bochum. “Unfortunately, many of them are still not sufficiently immunized, which we also attribute to a lack of information.”

Patients drift away with a goal of their own #health As well as many of their children’s questions. Could vaccination, for example, cause a flare-up? #illness Trigger or enhance its progress? how is work # Vaccinations In fact? And can they protect people from infection at all if their immune system works #Medicine affected? The site provides answers to these and many other questions in a clear format. In addition, podcasts are shown regularly, which address questions on the topic and answer them in a generally understandable way. The site targets both those affected and those receiving treatment #the doctors.

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cooperation partner

On the project, in addition to # clinic for # Neurology from University Hospital in Saint Joseph HospitalDepartment of General Medicine in the Ruhr Region # University Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Horst Christian Vollmar and Department #medical #computer scienceAnd the # Biometrics And the # Epidemiology at Ruhr University under the supervision of Prof. Nina Timsfeld, University of Cologne, Sankt Elisabeth Group, University Hospital Jena, and Parmer Replacement Box and Takepart Media and Science GmbH.


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