Home Top News India to Host Virtual G20 Meet Amid War in Gaza – Bio Prep Watch

India to Host Virtual G20 Meet Amid War in Gaza – Bio Prep Watch

India to Host Virtual G20 Meet Amid War in Gaza – Bio Prep Watch

Title: G20 Leaders Convene Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict; India Takes the Reins

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India, the current chair of the G20, is set to host a virtual meeting between the world’s largest economies and the African Union amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The meeting will serve as a platform for discussions on pressing global issues, with a particular focus on the development agenda.

One notable presence at the summit is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will be making his first appearance at the G20 in at least two years. This comes as US President Joe Biden opted to miss the event due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

In a significant diplomatic move, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will virtually meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time since their diplomatic standoff in September. This meeting marks a positive step towards resolving past differences and fostering stronger bilateral relations.

China’s President Xi Jinping, however, will be absent from the virtual summit. Premier Li Qiang will be representing the country in his place.

While the primary agenda will center around development issues, such as climate financing and multilateral development bank reforms, it is expected that the Israel-Hamas conflict will also be addressed. The conflict has drawn global attention and has the potential to impact international stability.

India, as the chair of the G20, has made remarkable progress on several fronts since the previous summit. In September, India managed to secure a rare consensus among the G20 leaders on the Russia-Ukraine war issue. This achievement helped bridge potential divides between developed and emerging economies.

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Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, India has become a powerhouse in global diplomacy. He has held four meetings with over 150 world leaders, demonstrating India’s influence and convening power at the global level.

Looking ahead, India is committed to implementing the agreements reached by G20 leaders. One such initiative is the creation of a framework for ethical artificial intelligence, which aims to ensure responsible and accountable use of AI technology in various sectors.

As the G20 leaders gather virtually, the stage is set for vital discussions on global challenges. With India at the helm, the summit promises to bring forth meaningful commitments and initiatives that can shape the future of international cooperation.


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