Home Top News 100 dead cats discovered in Senior

100 dead cats discovered in Senior

100 dead cats discovered in Senior

In Nice, several animal carcasses were discovered in the apartment of a man – there were also live cats between them. The pensioner is said to have suffered from a mass addiction.

About 100 dead the cats And 20 live cats in poor condition in an 81-year-old’s home cute – good was discovered. Animal Welfare said Monday. Ness Matin reported that most of the animal carcasses were kept in plastic or wooden boxes. Animal Welfare’s Philippe Dejak said the man struggled with an addiction to collecting animals.

The deceased’s niece discovered the bodies and the live animals after the man was taken to the hospital. I have reported to many animal welfare organizations. “Most of the animals died when they were put into the boxes, but two may have been trapped alive,” Dejak said. Animal rights activists also found the remains of squirrels, rats and dog teeth.

Animals that were still alive were assigned to veterinarians and volunteers. Animal welfare organizations want to file a case animal cruelty Provides.

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