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Thomas Muller (32 years old) helps chase ghosts! Footballer is known to be enjoyed by everyone. But he is usually famous for his impressive goals or several titles with his football club, FC Bayern Munich. But he obviously also wants to leave the ball at home and try something new. Because now Thomas has made his debut as an actor!

A few weeks ago, the Bayern Munich star was present in a trailer for the new movie Ghostbusters, as picture mentioned. It was a shoot with the director Jason Reitman (44) The Legend of the Director Evan Reitman (75). The clip “Ghostbusters” was filmed in Munich in a classic American car. employment Instagram The kicker has now published the short story section. wrote “Thank you for the trip” Thomas to me.

The video appears to have been well received by fans. One of his followers commented enthusiastically: “Thomas Muller can play any role and he will still be successful. The guy has talent off the field too.” By the way, the athlete is auctioning off the original extract for a good cause for his “Young Wings” foundation.

Thomas Muller in May 2020
Thomas Muller after his 500th match with Bayern Munich
Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa Muller in December 2020

Instagram / lisa.mueller.official

Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa Muller in December 2020


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