After Vierzon and Chateaumeillant on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron is expected to arrive in Moulins, in Alliers, and Vichy, on Wednesday. Extraordinary guest of France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne, the head of state defended the government’s strategy in the face of the health crisis and assured that the French would be able to spend the end-of-year festivities “calm”, Despite the high number of daily Covid cases. The number of intensive care patients now exceeds 2,000, prompting the government to announce new measures on Monday.

Accelerate booster vaccine

“We tried every time to have proportional response”, Emmanuel Macron commented. “We are facing this wave that is crossing Europe again, and some of our European neighbors have had to shut down their countries completely. Very drastic measures have been taken, for example, in Germany. Because we made a collective effort, especially this summer and this fall with the passing of health and the acceleration of vaccination, We are protected”, he completed.

“It’s just that the protection diminishes over time. That’s why The first answer is to speed up the retrieval process‘ insisted the head of state. “This new dose re-develops our antibodies and at the same time makes it possible to better fight this virus, to prevent or significantly reduce circulation and, above all, to significantly reduce severe forms.”

“A team effort”

We will not cancel all shows, but we will cut back on those moments of coexistence as we ate and drank in a nearby lounge.” he added.

“Using a health permit allows us to hold various events and bring our services to life, but also our culture, our business, major trade fairs and major events” He insisted before calling again to respect the barrier’s gestures, “Mask, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc. “

Juvenile occupations ‘will be supported’

In response to a question from the auditor of France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne, director of an events agency with two employees, Emmanuel Macron confirmed that companies in the sector affected by the crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic “will accompany”. will be the answer “Quick and specific”, said the head of state. “Professions of event organizers, caterers, and all those who, in fact, engage in year-end activities (…) facilitate pollution”, Justified by the President of the Republic.

“The idea today is not to return to the mechanisms that we knew but to support the various economic sectors in a very purposeful way,” he added. “And so we go Prolongation of partial activity mechanisms that existed today and were limited to the end of the year. And we will work to extend this mechanism to all companies that fit it.” As the head of state promised that the government will do so ‘Give facilities secured loans, But we will also provide compensation, and specific economic support, particularly in terms of fixed costs.”

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