Immigration from Belarus: Poland begins construction of a five-meter-high border fortification

sOlin wants to start building a permanent fortress on the EU’s external border with Belarus on Tuesday.

“The work begins with digging holes in the pillars and placing them in the concrete,” a Border Police spokeswoman told the Palestinian News Agency on Monday.

For months, thousands of migrants have been trying to get from Belarus to Poland or the Baltic states across the EU’s external borders.

Permanent barrier with a height of 5.5 meters

The European Union has accused Belarus Governor Alexander Lukashenko of transporting people from crisis regions such as Iraq or Afghanistan to Minsk in order to smuggle them to the European Union.

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The length of Poland’s border with Belarus is 418 km, of which 186 km are by land. At the end of August, soldiers had already erected a temporary fence on this stretch of land to make it difficult for migrants to cross the border.

This is a barbed wire fence with a height of about 2.50 meters. This will now be replaced by a permanent 5.5m high barrier equipped with motion detectors and cameras. A budget of 366 million euros has been allocated to the project.

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