“I love Orangehatt”
Fans celebrate “cat” for cellulite photography

Daniela Gutsenberger is popular among her fans because she is completely different. New source: Your current Instagram photo. It shows the rear view of a 34-year-old man in a pool – and reveals the teeth in his thigh that no woman should be ashamed of.

Fans of Daniela Gutsenberger celebrate their star for their latest photo on Instagram. The reality TV star proudly shows off her cellulite. “I love orange peel,” wrote “Cat” for the picture of him swimming in an air mattress in the shape of an orange piece in his pool in Mallorca. The 34-year-old is wearing a bikini with pink and white stripes, and she has her hair loosely fitted upwards.

His fans seem to like the honest post: The 34-year-old has already collected 70,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments for his photo. “Oranges are healthy,” wrote Prince Damien of the Jungle King. “I love you for these honest posts,” one Instagram user commented. “We love you for your trustworthiness,” another user wrote. “Nothing has been filtered on Instagram, that seems to be true, and I think it’s the best,” said another follower.

Daniela Gutsenberger was contacted last week With a photo from the pool Come back from a two-week Instagram break. “Today in Mallorca it is a‘ subtle ’31 degrees and if I have more extensions they will melt my head,” he revealed in his post. In early June Katsenberger showed off her type change: instead of her platinum blonde mane, she now wears her hair a little darker. The 34-year-old wrote that you are “not yet accustomed, yet may come”.

At the same time he posted in early June, Gutsenberger admitted to wearing a wig for current posts on Instagram: “I know you know … even though I’ve been trying to politely ignore your comments for weeks, I know it’s okay anyway because you’re just foxes. It aired months ago today “, He wrote in a photo on InstagramIn it she hides her new hair under a hair web and holds a straw-blonde wick in her hands.

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