Hundreds of suspects were arrested as police cracked a phone scam network

Arresting hundreds of suspects
The police are cracking down on the phone scam network

Investigations by British police have led to several hundred arrests around the world. The target is a network that steals people’s savings through scam spam calls. The perpetrators bought software that made it appear that they were calling from banks or government agencies.

British police, with the help of authorities from other countries, have dismantled an international criminal network centered around, which reportedly stole hundreds of thousands of their money through fraudulent spam calls. London Police, which is leading the investigation, said more than a hundred people had been arrested in recent weeks, including the administrator of a website based in the British capital.

iSpoof had 59,000 users at its peak, paying between £150 and £5,000 for fake call scam software there. This allowed iSpoof customers to make their phone numbers appear as if they were calling from banks, tax offices, or other government agencies. With the help of additional bank details obtained through other illegal means, they were able to deceive the victims. London police said the perpetrators informed their victims of suspicious activity on their bank accounts, then instructed them to share their passwords.

A large number of unreported cases

According to the police, users made more than ten million spam calls worldwide by August of this year, about 40 percent of them in the United States and more than a third in Great Britain. According to the authorities, 48 ​​million pounds sterling was stolen in the UK alone. According to the police, there must have been a large number of unreported cases, as fraud often goes unreported. The site’s servers were seized in the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Suspects have also been arrested in the Netherlands, Australia, France and Ireland. British police worked with the European Union police Europol, the US Federal Police, the FBI and other authorities around the world in the investigation.


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