Hundreds of people must be evacuated
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Italy is going through a period of drought, and now storms are hitting parts of the country in full force; Sometimes devastating effects. The result is floods and landslides.

Bologna – After a period of drought in large parts of southern Europe for weeks and months, torrential rains in Italy have now led to sometimes catastrophic floods. In northern Italy, water shortages have caused lakes and rivers to reach historic levels. Lake Garda, popular with tourists, sometimes resembles a lunar landscape, as the photos show.

According to reports, the precipitation in the regions has recently decreased by 40 percent compared to the historical average. In the Emilia-Romagna region near the northern Italian city of Bologna, torrential rain has now caused chaos: hundreds of people have been evicted from their homes, and thousands more are threatened with eviction on Wednesday (May 3).

Storms and floods in Italy: landslides also hit the region

Local fire brigades have reported a good 400 operations in the past few days, some rivers overflowing their banks and flooding streets and parts of towns. Soldiers from the Italian army also had to be used in the operations.

Severe storms hit the Emilia-Romagna region around Bologna, causing flooding.
Severe storms hit the Emilia-Romagna region around Bologna, causing flooding. It has gone beyond the banks of some rivers. © Imago

The areas around the capital, Bologna, and the northern Italian port city of Ravenna were particularly affected. In Bologna, many flooded roads have been closed and rail traffic has been suspended in many places. Particularly fatal for the inhabitants of this region: in addition to the floods, there were many landslides, some of which also affected residential buildings.

In many places, the climatic conditions have been so severe that the first measures have been taken, and authorities in Italy and France have responded to the ongoing drought with water-saving guidelines. (dpa/rku)


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