Humans are stung thousands of times by killer bees

Im US state Ohio A young man was stung thousands of times by killer bees and was seriously injured. US broadcaster Fox 19 reported on Wednesday that 20-year-old Austin Bellamy has been placed in an artificial coma and artificially ventilated. According to his family, he was stung more than 20,000 times.

Bellamy reportedly cut branches from a lemon tree last Friday when he accidentally cut down a nest of killer African bees. His grandmother Phyllis Edwards told Fox 19. “When he started chopping branches, the bees came out, they were screaming, ‘Help me, help me, help me, and nobody helped him.'”

The family watched from the ground when Bellamy was attacked by insects – but she couldn’t help as she was being attacked herself. The grandmother said she wanted to go up the stairs to help her grandson. “But I couldn’t get to it because I was surrounded by bees.”

According to his mother, Bellamy also swallowed about 30 bees. It would have taken doctors more than a day to suck them in. Accordingly, doctors expect that the 20-year-old will make a full recovery.


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