D.His tears dried. When they parted after their last meeting to date, many men who looked at each other and knew they had exhibited a respectful demeanor, who were considered tough dogs on the ice, expressed their feelings. And none of them are ashamed of it. They were all heartbroken. Not only did they not win a medal for their performance at the World Cup, but they finished fourth. But also because of the disappointment that none of them were able to continue to enjoy the environment that carried them through the World Cup in Riga in May.

Back then, Captain Moritz Mர்ller talked about the days that changed his life as an athlete. He was “not really built near water”, but “no one could have imagined how much we all cried,” said Colner Hein, an ice hockey expert. It was thick, even with national coach Tony Soderhome.

Fifth place in the world rankings

Defender Mல்லller had to cancel short notice for the reunion, which will put the national coaching team to a form test at this week’s German Cup, as well as five of the German national team’s colleagues. This changes slightly in terms of the group’s ambitions to rise to fifth place in the world rankings.

According to them, the invitation event in Greifel, in which Russia, Switzerland and Slovakia are also participating, is the best way to express themselves. Söderholm released a workbook for himself and his family that was interesting: the mood changed at the first selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB). “The players are talking about how to win today. And there is no survival, ”said the coach.

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