How big is the new season 4 map? The new drawing shows the comparison

How big is the new season 4 map?  The new drawing shows the comparison

What is the new size? Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone Outside? Raven Software now offers an answer to the question: the developers publish a graphic via SMS Twitter, which Size comparison between Caldera, Rebirth Island, and the new map of Fortune’s Keep Indicates. Makers does not give specific dimensions. It is noted, however, that Fortune’s Keep is essentially as compact as Rebirth Island. In terms of width, the new emission map appears to be more comprehensive, as the size comparison indicates. So it’s possible that Fortune’s Keep will offer a similar fast action as Rebirth Island.

Warzone expert “James – JGOD” has already tried to show the size difference on Twitter. The calculations he published last week were based on the size of the quarters that can be seen on the drawings of the new map, which the developers initially posted on the Internet as a teaser. He also came to the conclusion that Fortune’s Keep is slightly larger than Rebirth Island. The assumptions have now been confirmed.

Season 4 opens on June 22

There are twelve POIs on the new Warzone map, with a small town located to the west of the map. If you move north, you will see the Keep, the largest building on the island. In the east, a winery, camp and a lighthouse await. Incidentally, Rebirth Island doesn’t have to give way: Fortune’s Keep is the third map in rotation. It starts on June 22, when Season 4 will be activated.


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