HomeKit und Matter: iPad kann ab iOS 16 keine Steuerzentrale mehr sein
HomeKit and Matter: The iPad can no longer be a control center from iOS 16
Photo: Apple

In the first developer beta of iOS 16, it was already indicated that Apple will make changes to the home page that will affect the iPad as the home control center. The company now confirms that the iPad can no longer be used with iPadOS 16 as a HomeKit control center.

No more manual activation in the second trial

While the iPad could be explicitly reactivated as a Settings Control Center in the first beta of iPadOS 16, this functionality is no longer available in the second developer beta. If the Home app launches with iOS 16, users will now be notified that the iPad can no longer function as a control center. Until now, the iPad that’s always used in the home, the HomePod, the HomePod mini or the Apple TV (4th generation or later) can be used as a control center, with Apple automatically selecting a device if there are multiple in the network. Then the rest remains in standby mode as an alternative. The Control Center is essential to be able to use automation and remote control of connected devices in the home.

A home distributor is required to take advantage of features such as receiving accessory notifications and allowing others to control your home. You will not be able to view shared homes until those homes have also been upgraded to the latest version of HomeKit. The iPad will no longer be supported as a home hub.

Notice from Apple in iOS 16

Apple has revised the architecture of the house

Apple doesn’t give reasons for the iPad’s end as a control center, but on the iPadOS 16 website, Apple states that it’s updated its home infrastructure to deliver faster, reliable performance that makes smart home devices more efficient and controllable from multiple devices. Appliances, especially in homes with many smart home devices. These changes, along with upcoming article support, may be the reason for the change. Because when supporting the future smart home standard is important for unrestricted interoperability and compatibility across manufacturer boundaries, Apple explicitly mentions the need for the Apple TV or HomePod as a control center (Notes 11 and 12 on the iPadOS 16 website).


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