Historic Chance for Anne Haug: Hawaii or Utah?  The main thing is the Ironman World Championship

A historic opportunity for Anne Haug
Hawaii or Utah? The main thing is the Ironman World Championship

After 938 days, Anne Haug can finally tackle the task of defending her title. On the new route, it becomes the Ironman World Championship Pinata. Because this time the World Cup will not be held in Hawaii, but in Utah. “The World Cup is the World Cup,” Hogg explains. And of course you want to win.

Anne Haug sat safely on her throne for 938 days. First Cancellation, Then Transition – A stunt storm atop Iron Man was followed by a pandemic vacuum. Before the long-awaited title defense, the now world champion is plagued by doubts, and the role of the chase is causing her problems. “It’s always easier to start a race with a clean sheet and just do it than if you’ve had a backpack with you for three years, the goal is on your back and everyone wants to snatch the title from you,” Hogg said. .

With the favorite burdened, “You thought anything but a win would be a failure,” she explained, “But you shouldn’t handle it that way.” Especially in today’s world championship race (2:20pm/h) – because that feels more open than ever. In addition to the long hiatus, the first-time move from Iron Man Mecca, Hawaii to St. George in the US state of Utah, is causing “great uncertainty”.

“It’s a grab-bag for everyone,” Hogg said. “It’s almost like the Olympics every four years. It’s a bit torn between anticipation and nervousness.” On October 12, 2019, she triumphed in what was only her second run in Hawaii. The powerhouse athlete also managed to convince her to set a new long-distance record only since the pandemic began in September 2021 at Ruth.

A historic opportunity for Anne Haug

Despite the few highlights, Hogg had no problems with motivation. The former runner said she just wanted “to get better every day. I don’t need any competitions for that and I love what I do.” Now it’s time to pay, whether that really worked. The mountain biking and running trails in St. George should suit fairly light athletes.

“You had to prepare yourself a little differently and specifically,” Hogg explained. In general, the race will be “a different world” than in Hawaii, but the importance will remain. The Bayreuth native said: “For me, the World Cup is the World Cup. For me, it means that the best athletes in the world come together and fight. Even if, of course, Hawaii is a legend.”

Jan Frodino’s cancellation due to injury has put more focus on Haug. “I try not to let the pressure on me, of course I feel pressure, but that’s basically what I do myself,” she confirmed. In any case, the World Cup “always has its own rules” and the competitors “are not Easter bunnies”.

They all share a desire for something historical. The regular edition of the World Championships on October 6 offers the opportunity to become the first woman to become a two-time world champion in one year. “Of course you dream about it and motivate yourself with it, but doing it twice a year would be very difficult,” Hogg said.

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