Samsung: Old Cell Phones Get Galaxy S22 Camera Features - This one is a first

Samsung has started to unlock some features of the Galaxy S22 for other smartphones as well. Galaxy smartphone is the first.

The camera functions of the Galaxy S22 will soon be available on other smartphones from the manufacturer. (Source: Samsung)

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 has appeared with a new user interface.
  • Some smartphone functions should now also be available for older models.
  • The first is an update for S21.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 in February and with it a new user interface packed with add-ons. The Android 12-based software brings improvements in the camera area and also adds interesting features.

Samsung already announced in March that older models should also benefit from these updates in the future. In this context, Samsung has published a list of devices that will receive the functionality. No timeline for the update was given.

Now Samsung has started equipping the Galaxy S21 in Korea with the features. This is what users report in one report Samsung Korean Community Forum. Although users in other countries do not yet have the opportunity to install the software, it may only be a matter of time.

What new features are there?

According to a Samsung report, the following features will be unlocked for all Galaxy S21 owners:

  • Enhanced night image
  • Improved recognition of people and objects in a photo
  • Best picture on video calls
  • Better camera quality on third-party apps (eg Instagram and Facebook)

You can find out which other Samsung mobile phones will soon receive updates for the S22 in the linked article.

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