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Helena Forrest was admitted to a closed psychiatric ward after a police operation عملية

Concern about ‘passion-combatant’: After an incident in an apartment building in Frankfurt on Thursday evening, Helena Forst was arrested by police. He is now in the closed department of the university clinic.

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On the evening of June 24, a police operation was said to have taken place in an apartment building in Frankfurt. As reported by RTL, Helena Forrest launched the mission.

Helena Forrest started attacking the officer.

“On June 24 at around 10pm, police were called to an apartment building in Frankfurt because a large number of cables were cut in a basement power box,” police spokesman Manfred Vollhardt said, describing the operation. The emergency services are said to have found the TV star in a “mentally confused” state. “I screamed and kept reaching for the electrical box.”

When a policewoman tried to take her hand to get her off the electrical box, “Helena Forrest started screaming and attacking the officer.” The policewoman managed to “bring” the 47-year-old girl to the ground, but she was also slightly injured by Helena Forrest. It is said that the emergency services on the site decided to transfer Offenbacher to the Frankfurt University Clinic. There is now the closed section.

“She is being held”

As reported by RTL, Helena’s mother Mila now wants to try and get her daughter out of psychiatry. So far, however, without success. “She is being held and the situation is not being investigated extensively,” Mama Mila said.

Helena Forrest is best known as a television lawyer. Most 47-year-olds will remember a jungle camp participant. Five years ago I sat in the Australian bush with stars like Thorsten Legat and Sophia Vegas. It took fourth place at the time.

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