Heidi Klum
This is how the network interacted with the duo with Snoop Dogg

Heidi Klum sings with Snoop Dogg.

Heidi Klum sings with Snoop Dogg.

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For the opening song for the 17th “GNTM” season, Heidi Klum collaborated with Snoop Dogg. How is “Tea Chai with Heidi” received?

Heidi Klum (48 years old) released her song “Tea Tea with Heidi”, which has been available since January 14 and will be the theme song for the upcoming 17th season of “Next German Supermodel”. It can be heard with rap star Snoop Dogg (50), the song is produced by husband Tom Kaulitz (32) with new DJ project WeddingCake. How is the song received by fans?

From “total relaxation” to “perfect for dancing”

One fan said, “I can’t get the song out of my ear” on Instagram From WeddingCake is excited about the song’s alluring possibilities. And another rule “perfect for dancing”. One user thinks he’s heard “Summer 2022 hits”. Another joked: “The tempo is massive, I find it a bit reserved.”

in a The first clip of the songPosted by Heidi Klum on Instagram on Thursday, he didn’t hear the enthusiasm from everyone either. “Heidi’s voice sounds awful,” one user commented. Other comments were “totally embarrassing” or “Snoop, so sad you did that.” One listener also referred to “poor Rod Stewart.” Sampled from Rod Stewart (77) “Baby Jane” from 1983 for the song.

“I’ve loved to sing all my life and now I have a song with The Godfather of Rap that’s really a highlight of my life,” Klum explained in a ProSieben interview. Snoop Dogg is “simply the coolest guy ever. He has no vibe and grace and you laugh a lot with him.” The song was recorded in three days at his recording studio in Englewood, Los Angeles.


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