Home Economy Luxurious penthouse sold for 190 million

Luxurious penthouse sold for 190 million

Luxurious penthouse sold for 190 million

Nearly $190 million for a penthouse over Central Park: The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the former owner, American billionaire Daniel Osh, has bought his luxury apartment of 900 square meters on the top floor of a skyscraper in the US capital, New York. with big profit.

Accordingly, Och purchased the four-bedroom apartment in 2019 for $93 million. The magazine estimates that the sale to an anonymous buyer is “one of the most expensive New York sales ever.” In the same skyscraper in 220 Central Park South, US fund manager Ken Griffin paid about $238 million for an apartment in 2019.

The billionaire owns another penthouse in New York

Forbes magazine estimates the 61-year-old’s fortune at $4.1 billion. Och is the founder and former managing director of the New York-based investment fund Och-Ziff Capital Management, which has since been renamed Sculptor. In 2016, his fund had to pay a fine of more than $400 million to the US authorities for creating a corruption network in several African countries.

Och had moved his primary residence to Florida for tax reasons, and the luxury apartment was supposed to be a secondary residence. But the billionaire owns another penthouse in West Central Park. According to the newspaper, her value is estimated at 57.5 million dollars. (AFP)

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