Heidi Klum: Relationship with Tom and Bill Kaulitz?

Heidi Klum: A threesome affair with Tom and Bill Kaulitz? “I love everyone”

Heidi Klum: This is the career of a German model

Heidi Klum: This is the career of a German model

She is one of the most famous German models: Heidi Klum. But Heidi Klum is not only on the podium, but also works as an actress, presenter and producer.

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oh, Heidi Klum Apparently, husband Tom Kaulitz wasn’t the only one who turned his head!

It’s no secret that the supermodel and her husband’s twin brother get along very well – how intimate their relationship is Heidi Klum And her son-in-law is real, and Kaulitz’s men have now revealed it publicly.

Heidi Klum loves Tom Kaulitz – but nothing works without his twin brother Bill

Almost three years Heidi Klum And Tom Kaulitz are happily married. On Instagram, the model shows trips around the world together, red carpet appearances and special family celebrations with kids – Tom’s twin brother Bill is usually very close.

But what may prove to be relationship killers for many couples seems to be the recipe for success for Heidi and Tom, as the guitarist for “Tokyo Hotel” now explains. “We’re so close! If you get to know one but don’t like the other, things won’t go well in the long run. Bild quotes from the Swiss Annabelle magazine, if you don’t kiss Bell, you don’t love a part of me.”

While Tom’s former friends saw themselves competing with Bill, Heidi Klum was very different: “Heidi was the first woman to understand the twin thing from the start,” says Bill Kaulitz.

Heidi Klum: Bill’s son-in-law confession – ‘I have an affair with both’

The 32-year-old explains: “It was clear to her from the start: I love both. I am in a relationship with both.”


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In exchange for the GNTM chief’s acceptance, the “Tokio Hotel” singer let his brother “go a little too far”. However, Heidi Klum is the first woman Bell would love to do this with, “because I’ve seen how good she is to him,” citingBuildFrom open discussion. (kV)


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