He had fled to Israel: a Palestinian gay (25) was kidnapped and beheaded | Policy

He had fled to Israel: a Palestinian gay (25) was kidnapped and beheaded |  Policy

fled to Israel |

A 25-year-old gay Palestinian kidnapped and beheaded

What an incredible crime…

Palestinian Ahmed Hashem Hamdi Abu Marakhiya, 25, fled to Israel after moving out two years ago and living in “The Different House,” a shelter for gay Palestinians. Now he’s dead.

Sea Jerusalem PostAhmad is said to have been kidnapped in the West Bank and then brutally murdered there. Those close to Ahmed Mitiqnoun: He was killed because of his homosexuality!

The 25-year-old was said to have been beheaded in Hebron, 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem, on Wednesday evening. Videos that appeared on social networks show his lifeless body.

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Ahmed wanted to emigrate

according to Maan News Agency The PA police – themselves deeply anti-LGBT – are investigating this atrocity. It is said that a suspect has been arrested.

“He was part of the gay pride group we started in the south. Many knew him,” says Rita Petrenko, president of the Different Home Shelter. She herself helped him get him a work permit in Israel. He made “extraordinary progress,” according to Petrenko, “A diligent and intelligent man.”

Petrenko also says that even Israel is often categorically not a safe place for gay Palestinians who have been expelled from their homes or who have fled because of their sexual orientation. Their followers in Israel will continue through their former environment.

The only way out for many: immigration.

So the organization works with the authorities in Canada. But bureaucratic hurdles are now much higher, and immigration is now much more boring than it used to be because Canada has changed procedures, Petrenko says.

This road came too late for the 25-year-old. “He was looking forward to leaving the country,” Petrenko said. “It was next.”

“In the next government we intend to lead the Palestinian gay revolution to success,” Ibtisam Marana, 46, an Arab-Israeli MK, wrote on Twitter on Thursday. In recent years, the SAT Social Democrat has built shelters for gay and persecuted Palestinians.

Unlike the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Islamist movement Hamas, homosexuality is not officially prohibited in the West Bank. However, gays and lesbians are discriminated against and ostracized by the vast majority of the population. For this reason alone, many gays are fleeing to Israel, the only gay-friendly country in the region.

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