Home Top News Hartmann bids farewell to Dynamo Dresden: “Stay away from football first”

Hartmann bids farewell to Dynamo Dresden: “Stay away from football first”

Hartmann bids farewell to Dynamo Dresden: “Stay away from football first”

Dresden. The luxury dinner was not served when Marco Hartman left his heart club, Dynamo Dresden. The 33-year-old had to watch from the stands at Rudolph-Harpic-Stadion as he conceded his first defeat of the season against promoted player SC Paterforn in the 2nd Bundesliga. “As a Dynamo fan it was very disappointing. Nowhere are you 3-0 down, I don’t know why. But other things caught my attention,” the former Saxon defender said.


Can’t say if the game with the leading player Hartman would have gone any differently. However, the truth is: the player did not get a new contract with Dynamo Dresden and retired eight years later with emotional scenes before and after the game at the Sunday club. “It’s a great moment to be back there. I will take that house with me, and it will last forever,” Hartman said despite the failure.

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Dissatisfaction with Dynamo Dresden: Schmidt-Elf lost to East Westphalia by a score of 0: 3.


Sports director Ralph Becker and coach Alexander Schmidt above all would have wanted to join the club in a different role than the former dynamo captain. “My office door is always open,” Schmidt said before the game. The 52-year-old added the injured Hartman to his squad as coach for the set pieces last season. A position where Schmidt wants to keep him busy.

Hartman has other plans. He really wanted to continue playing for one more year, but now seems to have made friends with the premature end of his life. “It’s not my plan, I told Alex about it too. I want to enjoy football and other things at first. I’m not interested now. Maybe it will push me back to a point,” he told Sky TV.

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After his active life, the father of two plans to travel around the world for a year. In addition, he must complete his law degree at a school in order to complete his teaching degree in mathematics and sports.

So the dynamo has to behave without its identity. The player on the coaching team can also make a difference. This is because the obvious defeat against Baderborn revealed some of the weaknesses in the strong Dresden defense line up so far. Without the injured Tim Kniping, who has been out for several months, lost his last defense due to a deformed ligament and inner ligament in his right knee. “He was a great leader. But it doesn’t help. We have to sort ourselves out and bring ourselves under control. And we will,” Schmidt declared.

The international break is coming at the right time. The Oxburg native has two weeks to adjust his security. Then the third and eleventh in the table is to play at FC Haydenheim. “We settle ourselves again and go with power to the next game,” Schmidt explained. A test game next Friday will help keep the rhythm going. Both the opponent and the space are still open.


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